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About Trade The Games

Trade The Games is a best crypto game app in India, that brings cryptocurrency trading and fantasy gaming together. It becomes a playground for all the people who want to master the art of trading before getting into it. While doing that, it gives them opportunities to earn actual money.

Yes, the Trade The Games is nothing less than a boon for individuals who want to attain perfection in their trading. To make this happen, Trade The Games integrates the elements of fantasy gaming and engages the participants in contests. It enthuses the users to work on their performance and to trade smartly to win. All in all, it is a website that gives endless chances to learn digital virtual trading while eliminating all the risks and offering rewards.

How to Play

Sign Up

Sign up with your mobile number and receive the verification code. Add on it, you’re good to go.

Participate In Contest

After signing up, you can quickly become a member of the platform and go through all the competitions rolled out.

Start Trading & Earn

You can choose the contest and start the fun ride of crypto trade learning. You get time to do mistakes and learn.

Trade The Games

Join Contest

Joining the contests on Trade The Games is not just easy, it incites the participants to delve deeper into the world of trading. The whole activity has been designed to give way to many possibilities. It enables the users to find the different sides of crypto trading. It helps them hone their skills and makes them familiar with all types of conditions that affect markets. The users get to face the conditions and circumstances that really occur in the markets and cause plenty of losses to the crypto market participants.

Once the users are engaged in the competition, they get to see different factors of trading. Trade The Games take the dummy trading to a whole new level and makes you familiar with its possibilities of it. It gives you a framework that works exactly like the real trading environment and includes everything that causes the fluctuation of the prices of digital assets. It makes trading possible for all those who usually get intimidated by charts, numbers, and think that it is an otherworldly thing.

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Just Learn & Earn

Many people commit the grave mistake of jumping into the cryptocurrency trading without perfecting it and find themselves in dire straits. Trade The Games does not just let you learn, it totally subverts the need to do real trading and make it possible to keep earning while learning.

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Trade The Games is a cryptocurrency fantasy trading gaming platform in which you use your trading skills to win contest and earn money.
Trade The Games is India's first crypto fantasy game where you can learn crypto trading and earn real money online. Download the app Now.
The users can withdraw a minimum amount of RS. 200.
First of all, you need to sign up with Trade the Games and become a member. After that, you can pay the entry fee of the contests and participate.
You need to pay fiat currency (INR) to add funds to your cash wallet.
No. Adding funds will be possible only via INR.
You can join multiple contests at a time to enhance your chances of winning. By allowing this functionality, the platform makes participation more rewarding for every individual.
You must be 18 years old to be able to engage with this game. The age limit is kept considering the fact that the game gets you ready for crypto trading which exposes you to financial risks. Upon attaining this age, you can start practising the crypto trade and take the first step towards becoming a winner in this activity.
KYC will mandatory in case when you add bank details to platform while withdraw. Other than this, no KYC required. User can participate to numerous contests without KYC completion.
Yes, Trade the Games is a game of skill and in order to win, you need to have knowledge of trading.